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</> GSoC 2018

Name: Marco Musumeci


Name of the project: Re-write the Turnantenna code

Project proposal: Google doc

Host organizations: Freifunk, Ninux


This is the first time I can say I seriously coded. In my past experiences I never approached the act of writing code with the final goal of sharing it. Code for yourself is a thing; code for the community, and with the community, is something very different.

I’m not a software developer: I’m a mechanical engineer, and in these three months I’ve learned a lot of things that I could never learn on my own. I have to say thanks to my mentor and to the Ninux community for the strong support they gave me in this period, and for giving me this possibility. But the time is up, and I’m going to summarise what I achieved during the summer.

1st period

05/15 - 06/15

During the first month I had to deal with the driver of the engine. The Ninux community developed a first prototype of the Turnantenna, and I started working on it. As the very first step I created a new branch in GitHub called “test”, and I continued working on that.

I spent the greater amount of the time writing tests and trying to understand how to improve the pre-existing algorithm. I learned how to use ‘unittest’, and how to use ‘mocks’ from zero. It was really challenging.

I wrote a more detailed review of that period in this article.

2nd period

06/16 - 07/13

In the first week of the second period, I had to complete the previous work on driver tests. After that, I started to work on this documentation. It was a very hard work, and it took all the three weeks remained.

At the same time, I worked on a first version of the States Machine, and learned the basics in order to work with flask and to build the web interface.

The article relative to the work done could be found here

3rd period

07/14 - 08/14

The last moth was really productive. During the first three weeks I worked on the API definition and the optimization of the States Machine. I learned how to use the ‘multiprocessing’ module and coded the main process: now it can handle the engine process, the flask RESTful services, and the States Machine.

In the last week I have focused on code refactoring. For this new task I worked on the new dedicated branch “refactor”.

Like before, the detailed review of the work is in this article.

Final conclusions

The initial goal of the project was to write a full working driver and web interface for the Turnantenna. I can say that the 90% of the work was done.

All the code wrote for this project could be found in the dedicated branches in the GitHub project. Links are provided above. There you can find the work done for the Google Summer of Code 2018.

Things done:

  • Rewrite the engine driver
  • Test the driver
  • Write the API
  • Test the API
  • Create a RESTful web service
  • Make things work together

Things to do:

  • Make time estimation during the movement of the engine more accurate and correct tests in
  • Write the potentiometer “pot_get_position” function
  • Implement the system onto the hardware